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Advanced level presenting skills

Learn the most powerful presenting skills on the planet. Your colleagues will envy your ability to control the room.

Would it be of use for you to know the way people think, and then deliver to their style in such a way that the message is delivered directly to the unconscious mind?

The skills in this course are amazing.

This is for people who have done some presenting and want to take themselves to the next level.

A detailed review of each participant will be conducted before the course content is set.

A sample of content covered in previous courses includes:

  • Internal representation and talking to the unconscious mind.
  • Developing instant rapport with individuals and audiences.
  • Delivering impromptu presentations like a pro.
  • Advanced language techniques.
  • Advance techniques for engaging groups.

Every participant will deliver a presentation and receive:

  • Detailed feedback on a presentation.
  • A personalized DVD of their presentation and feedback session.

Do you have a presentation coming up and want some tips before you deliver it?  

Contact us about our personalized coaching sessions.